'It wasn't right': This cafe received a scathing review over a barista's disability. Here's what happened next

Barista Vari Desho was puzzled when two customers abruptly cancelled their coffee orders and walked out of the cafe he works at in southwest Sydney last Saturday. Some hours later, Nuriyah Cafe received a scathing one-star review on Google.While the customer said they were “greeted with warmth”, they felt unsettled because of Mr Desho’s “bark”.


Mr Desho, 33, lives with Tourette Syndrome, a neurological disorder that results in him making involuntary movements or noises (referred to as tics). “Unfortunately the front-of-house team member had a physical condition which we initially dismissed. It causes him to “bark” and as we said, we thought it would pass especially as when he took our order it stopped completely,” the person wrote on Google. “Unfortunately it then got much worse and much louder and more constant. We felt sooo bad and really wanted to stay but when it got so bad we couldn’t even have a conversation we very reluctantly had to cancel our order and leave.”

The person added the tics “got much worse and much louder and more constant”, leaving them with no choice but to walk out.

We’re just here to make a living and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Vari DeshoMr Desho, who has been a barista for eight years, told SBS News he was upset – not over comments made about his condition – but rather how a negative review could impact the business. “They didn’t eat, they didn’t have coffee, they didn’t even have a glass of water …

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